Sunday, March 30, 2008

An Alter Tells How the Universe Works

I recently had a message from a 29 year old lady with MPD who has an 8-year-old alter-personality. This alter recently told her therapist how the universe works. She said, "You know the quote, 'All the world's a stage and we're merely players'? Well, it's true. And everyone has to forget what they really are in order for the acting to be authentic!" This alter thinks it is quite funny that hardly anyone on earth knows they're in a play of their own choosing.

She wants the therapist to explain to the youngest alters, who are four years old, that people who are our enemies in life are just playing roles. After the play is over, when we die, we're all friends. So it's OK to dislike your enemies and get mad at them and to even hate them. But after the "show" is over, everyone is our friend, like actors who step off-stage and slap each other on the back to congratulate each other on fine performances. We play the roles we choose while we're here, and maybe the next time around we'll want to play a villain, or an orphan, or mobster, or drug addict, or a princess. So we find other Essences who want to be in our plays. and then we come here to earth and temporarily forget the agreements we've made so that we can be good actors and fully inhabit our roles. So everyone on the planet is a Robert De Niro! Everyone is a creative artist, writing and directing their play as they go along with the help and agreement of theri fellow actors (Essences).

The ISH of this lady tells her she chose this MPD role because she likes puzzles. She certainly does have one great puzzle to unravel , but she is making progress with it. And I want to thank her for letting me in on what she is learning.


annsie said...

I am a General Practitioner and my husband has DID.
He has a 6 years old alter who comes out very briefly every now and then to sulk and to play. This alter acts just like a 6 years old with the IQ of a 6 years old.
My question to you is, how can an 8 years old alter have the understanding of how the universe work ?

Ralph B. Allison, M.D. said...

You want to know how a child alter might "know how the universe works" when children would not be expected to know such "facts." Well, an alter is not a natural born child. It is a package of personality traits created by the patients ISH, which is designed for a certain range of duties. Some might be very unsophisticated and made to act childish as a playmate would be. But others could be made "wise beyond her years" and able to express spiritual ideas. The ideas can be implanted by the ISH, in words understandable by a child of that age, but the facts might come from the Akashic Records, where all such data is reported to reside. It all depends on what the ISH wants the alter to be like, and so of service to the patient with MPD.
Ralph Allison MD

Minister Greg said...

I am a Sacramento Minister with a client who seeks an exorcism. He and his apartment seem to be possessed with demons or spirits which cause him physical harm. Can you help or provide me with a direction to send this person?

Thank you,

Greg Bragg, Minister
GB Ministry, Sacramento

Ralph B. Allison, M.D. said...

I cannot help you with only the information you have provided. I do not want to cover this subject in an open blog. Please send me a private e-mail to giving more details about this man you are concerned about. Maybe then I can think of something useful to tell you.

Shelly said...

"All the a stage...and we are characters..." I thought I was the only one who thought this as a 46-year old who has been in tx for DID over the last 20 plus years. What I need to tell you, is that someone else picked up upon it also. My husband went to see this spiritual adviser for a healing. After all was said and done, he asked if I would consider it. I said...okay. I gave no information to this person...AT ALL. He knew nothing of my multiplicity. Then, he said, "I see people..." like he was confused..."and you on a stage..." Are you a dancer?" I said I was a gymnast, which was not a lie. I never told him I was DID. I supposed if I did he would have tried to cure me of the others. No thank you. We are fine according to my therapist.
It is also funny how ya'll use those words "how the universe works..." because in my lectures on the effects of DID many times I refer to certain things as "secrets to the universe...we thought we were the only ones to use that phrase. These are solutions that we think are possible to fix or understand my 5 year old who has an idea called cupcakes for kids that will raise money for kids in 3rd world countries who are starving...

LadyJtalks said...

just came across your name on a blog here. small world after all. I hope I can catch more blogs from you. I'm going through your published work trying to remember which ones I read years ago when I started this journey. I've come along way from those beginnings ten years ago on the web. Most of my trauma work was done over twenty years before with just the books we had out. Jacki aka Lady J

TJ said...

I agree we all are actors, and I think everyone lives on more than one realm at a time. Most people don't just don't see it. I get annoyed that most people just don't want to know. Why can't people see how we are all connected? We don't act in isolation. Our thoughts and behaviors are causal by nature. As Sartre says, we do no exist without the "other.". My therapist contacted you to ask questions to help us. I hope you give him good ones. He is nice, and we want him to help. Peace,


Rick and Ana lei said...

Hi There;

I'm 40 years old that was just recently diagnosed with DID/C-PTSD. I have known about the ptsd for several years and have been misdiagnosed most of my life with BPD,BPD,MD etc..
Although the diagnosis makes some sense to why my life is in complete chaos and I don't recall most things in a day as the triggers are many, I am left feeling like I'm completely insane. As I know the recovery process is a long one, I can't stop feeling that its only longer because of counselors and doctors that had no idea what they were talking about. Had I been properly diagnosed years ago, I would of been through all of this.
I know there are Doctors that treat this, but I have a real hard time and serious issues working with people that refer themselves as
"Therapists" considering when you break down that word it says, " The Rapist". Very sick terminology for a long term sexual abuse survivor. And considering this is the label you all prefer... where does that leave me?