Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Certification of Therapists of Multiples

In the latest edition of the ISSTD News (May 2007), the president, Catherine C. Classen, PhD, writes about whether or not to create a "certification program for professionals in the field of trauma and dissociation to provide evidence of their knowledge of the field."
She wants members to consider the value of a certification in "Complex Posttraumatic and Dissociative Disorders." She describes three possible kinds of certification -- Knowledge based, curriculum based, and a certificate of attendance or participation.
Benefits she lists are:
1. "Identification and creation of a body of knowledge for our practice and field."
2. "Provision of some assurance of general and then continued competence in the field."
3. "Elevation of the credibility of practitioners."
4. "Establishment of standards for those who practice in the are of trauma and dissociation."
5. "Elevation of the credibility of our field."
6. "Protection of our clients/patients and the public."
7. "Generation of increased revenue for the ISSTD."
Those of you who are members of ISSTD will have received this newsletter and can read the details in it. I assume that others who are interested can go to the website www.isst-d.org and get it from there.
As one who went through the trauma of passing my "Boards" in Psychiatry, I know what it is like to study for and pass one of these kinds of tests. Fortunately I personally am retired, so I don't have to contemplate it for myself. But I am wondering what the thoughts and views might be for those of you who are either prospective or present dissociative patients, or trying to be a therapist for such patients. Consider the pros and cons which you see in this proposal, which I hope you will read about before giving me any knee jerk reactions.

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